I’ve Got Nothing: Some Videos of Fights

So the idea with this blog is to write something every two weeks, most of the time I can get an idea in that interim period, other times I just sort of wing it. This time, I don’t even have an idea of where to start, so I’m just gonna post some fights that I like, maybe write a few words and hopefully in two weeks I’ll get an actual substantive idea.

This is first and foremost an MMA blog, but I’m putting this fight on here for a couple of reasons. First, it is incredible, fight of the year stuff. Second, it is the fight that really got me into combat sports. I’d seen boxing before, watched a bunch of old K-1 events from Las Vegas on ESPN Classic, had seen bits of the UFC mostly because of Ken Shamrock’s WWF run, but after I saw this I kind of decided, maybe even explicitly, I don’t remember, that I was gonna be a combat sports guy. So, really, more than anything this fight is the entire reason this site exists.

These two fights stick out in my mind because these were the two fights I ad on my iPod in High School. Sakurai-Trigg is a great fight and one of the highlights of Sakurai’s career, but Obiya-Viera, in my view, is a real hidden gem MMA fight, an all-time great one that virtually no one knows about.

I bought a DVD from FYE that had Enson Inoue on the cover, I don’t think I even knew who he was when I bought it, but I was pretty sure it was MMA, and at the point, 2006 or so, stuff that wasn’t the UFC or Pride was hard to come by. So I put this DVD, SuperBrawl’s Greatest Hits, on and saw this fight and I knew that Jay R Palmer was the truth.

This fight is particularly special other than it features Phil Davis finishing a dude with a camel clutch, but it was the first live MMA show I ever went to. It wasn’t the first legalized MMA card in Pennsylvania but it was the first of any renown and I basically had to be there. Looking back on it, the card kinda sucked, it was obviously a financial failure, but I was there. I was in the crowd cheering for Phil Davis, Carlton Haselrig, and Michah Miller, of and the referee because Mark Matheny was maybe the best ref in the world at that point.


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